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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Farmed Atlantic Salmon, from bad to worse

After no consultation by government and Cooke Aquaculture with the people that live in this community we have become privy to this atlantic salmon feedlot and we would like to share it with anyone that's interested in the day to day activity that goes on at this site. These are not scenes you will see when you visit the Nova Scotia government website on aquaculture nor will you see it on the Cooke Aquaculture promos. (By the way it turns out they are pretty much one in the same thing). This is what's left of the industry in Nova Scotia since overfishing cod and halibut has put them at risk. These pens hold upwards of 50 thousands atlantic salmon in each pen and are now a threat to what's left of the wild salmon due to the diseases and viruses they grow under these living conditions. These feedlots are placed in our oceans among ecosystems that have to endure heavy pollution, pesticides and medications abnormal to their natural existence. Why would any of us consume or support such a thing?

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