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Friday, May 23, 2014

Atlantic Salmon farm - it's enough to make you sick

UPDATE: We got rid of the Dexter NDP government and we will not give up until we get rid of Cooke Aquaculture and their open-net feedlots in our ocean ecosystems. 

Fish farming is like a science experiment that has been allowed to take place in our open oceans with no way of regulating what actually takes place on these sites. This company was charged with dumping an illegal pesticide into the ocean trying to kill off an infestation of sea lice and in the process killed thousands of lobster. If they were caught once how many times have they committed that same illegal act without getting caught?

Why doesn't behaviour like that leave a company that would do that without a license to operate rather than a fine that amounts to business as usual? Why do we allow that to take place in our oceans? Why is that not in a laboratory on land where life threatening experiments belong? Alexandra's Echo


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